#37 (Kenny demands more of Barbara…)

Kenny Wilkes chugged the last beer in Barbara’s refrigerator before devouring what was left of his sandwich. A mighty belch escaped his gut as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He rubbed his protruding belly with a heavy sigh and sank deeper into the sofa. While he missed his trailer back home, he did like the fact that his little wife made good money working as a maid for that rich family on the edge of town. He didn’t care if she liked it or not because she always had food, money, and now a good place to live by his standards. For Kenny, life was sweet. The sound of Barbara opening the front door prompted Kenny to remain seated as he flipped on the television. “Hope you got more beer,” he barked at her.

Barbara Wilkes glared at Kenny with marked contempt. How she hated this man. She hated everything about him from his yellowing teeth, unkempt toenails, and vile smell. Barbara wanted nothing more than for this waste of flesh to vanish from the face of the earth. She still couldn’t figure out how he’d been able to track her to Kingsport, but Barbara had a plan. No matter what, Kenny Wilkes wouldn’t stand in her way of obtaining her singular goal…the only reason she’d come to Kingsport. “You need to find yourself a job,” snapped Barbara.

“Why’d I do that?” Kenny glowered at her with seething contempt. “You’re my wife, girlie.”

“I am not a girl!”

“You’ll always be my sweet little girl… Sweet as the day I showed you how to have sex. So pure. So innocent.”

“I was a child!” retorted Barbara. “If my mother hadn’t been drugged out of her mind, she never would’ve allowed you to marry me.”

Kenny smiled cunningly. “Give ’em pills, booze, cigarettes…and never stop. Perfect way to get someone to do whatever ya say.”

“I want you out of my apartment, Kenny. I mean it.”

“Ain’t for you to say. I’m your husband. It’s as much my place as yours. As a matter of fact, think it is time you started giving me your pay like you did before. You know you’re bad with money. Can’t be trusted. Probably go out and buy something fancy the likes of you don’t need. What ya got in your wallet?”

Barbara saw nothing but a flash of red as Kenny lunged for her purse. She quickly grabbed it, held it tight, and backed away from him. “No! I’m not giving you a cent!”

“You’d better do what’s right for you!”

“Or what?”

Kenny narrowed his beady eyes. “I’ll knock your ass into next year. You choose.”

Barbara held her ground as she stared into his blank eyes. “No.”

Before Kenny could strike her, Barbara pushed him with such force, he tripped over his feet before crashing into the coffee table. Stunned, Kenny touched his forehead to find it covered in blood. “You little bitch! I’m a kill you.”

“Go to hell!”

“Oh. I see. The little whore thinks she’s above herself now. You ain’t nothing, girlie…’cept my wife.” Kenny rose with a wobble, started for the bathroom, and said, “This ain’t over.”

As Kenny walked into the bathroom, Barbara felt a wave of relief wash over her. She knew that today was the day for her plan to come into effect. Barbara calmly walked to the kitchen, opened the bag from the pharmacy, and examined the little bottle. The cure to all of her problems resided in this anonymous plastic tube. Little did Kenny know, but his days of tormenting Barbara would soon come to an end…as would life as he knew it…

India Montgomery waited in the parking lot of the hospital until she spied Dr. Connor Windsor coming out of the building. She watched him for a moment as a wave of desire crushed her heart. Despite everything this man had done to her, she couldn’t let him go. She couldn’t. There was no way in the world she would lose him to Billy. “I need to talk to you,” called India as she raced over to him. “You can’t go through with the wedding!”

Connor glared at India with marked contempt. “Get out of my face, India.”

“No. I know about your fight with Billy.”

Connor shot India an incredulous look. “How on earth…”

“It’s okay,” whispered India. “You don’t have to marry him.” She stroked his beard with a small smile. “I can be everything he can’t be for you, Connor. Billy’s a fool to let you go.”

Connor swatted away her hand before saying, “You need to understand that I have never…and will never…love you, India.”

“Yes, you do! What we had…”

“We had nothing,” seethed Connor. “You’re crazy. Everyone says so.”

“Connor, don’t… Please don’t be mean to me,” India said as she battled back tears. “I know you love me!”

He took a step towards India, stared into her watery eyes, and deftly ran his hands down her thighs. “You like when I do that…” Connor leaned close to India as he exhaled on her swan like neck. “Remember when,” he said in a low, terrifying voice, “I would…well, you remember…”

India could feel herself begin to quake under his spell. “Don’t marry Billy. You…you can’t do that to me, Connor.”

“I can do whatever I want to you, India. I always have…and I always will.” Connor unlocked his car with a vicious laugh. “I love Billy. He believes it. The world believes it. No one will ever believe a word you say, India. I made sure of that a long time ago. Maybe one day…we can remember when…”

India watched Connor drive away, but in her heart of hearts she knew that he would keep his word. If Connor didn’t love Billy, then she would make sure that their wedding never happened. Yes, she didn’t have much time, but if it’s one thing India Montgomery knew how to do, it was how to ruin her brother’s life in order to get what was rightfully hers.

In our next installment, it’s Nicholas’ birthday…

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SoapKast presents the continuing story of KINGSPORT, a new soap opera in prose.

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SoapKast presents the continuing story of KINGSPORT, a new soap opera in prose.